CES 2019

If companion robots, video doorbells, and giant TVs sound interesting to you, CES 2019 is where you should have been this week. The show has some of the most mind-blowing technologies on display, among some whacky ones like Hyundai’s walking concept car, Elevate, and Sphero’s musical Bluetooth ring, Specdrum. CES attracts over 4,500 exhibiting companies, 6,5000 media companies, and 180,000 attendees from a whopping 155 countries. If there’s an event to learn about the future of technology and how it will change the world, CES 2019 is it! This update is aimed at summarizing the awe-inspiring and stunning developments from CES 2019 that you’d most certainly want to know about.

Major announcements to expect

The week before CES 2019 is usually the most exciting, with tech gurus and aficionados predicting what the giants are likely to announce during the show. Multinational tech corporations such as Hyundai, Intel, Hisense, LG, Qualcomm, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, TCL, and Toyota are confirmed to host press conferences during the event, promising major launches of new products. LG’s President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. I.P. Park, will kick-off this exciting stream of press conferences by discussing AI and ‘self-evolving’ products and possibly a foldable phone.

Artificial Intelligence is invading new industries

I’s presence in diverse industries is growing, along with its high potential applications. With over 60 companies representing AI technology in the consumer showcase, AI has successfully become relevant in almost all categories, even retail. While self-driving cars are using AI to be aware and avoid obstacles, TV companies are using the technology to enhance image quality and viewer experience.

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The President of the Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro, quipped “AI is the star of the show, the ingredient in other technology,” as it was. AI has already touched your life with Alexa and Netflix, and will soon take on bigger roles to enhance your quality of life.

5G will get closer to conception

For a future where self-driving cars, smart homes, and IoT exists, we will need faster internet and networking. The cellular network industry has been discussing and researching 5G for years now, but this movement will finally be realised in 2020. At CES 2019, chip manufacturers and wireless carriers have planned to announce developments in the technology and show the world how 5G will transform our existing reality. Watch these sessions if you want to know more about the progress of 5G technologies and which industries will be influenced most.

Televisions will get bigger and more interactive

Major players in the television industry such as Samsung, Hisense and Panasonic may have big news about the future of television. Newly developed 8K screens, 80-inch sets, enhanced image quality with HDR (high dynamic range) and MicroLED screens may make an appearance very soon, and possibly during the show. Manufacturers of televisions are very likely to get comfortable integrating voice assistance into TV sets, potentially working with Alexa or Google Assistant instead of building their own from scratch.

Specialised tech for women will explode as a niche

In 2017 CES, Willow Breast Pump stole the show and won the show’s Top Tech of CES award, for having reinvented an old aide with new technology. The company added a smart wearable watch to the breast pump – which hadn’t been upgraded in terms of technology for years. In 2018, the Mommy Tech space expanded even further, bolstering the assumption that this year would have even more of such companies. With brands such as L’Oreal and Olay participating, and with the promise of smartphone integrated skin care devices and AI-powered beauty apps, there’s a lot of excitement about what this space will create for women.

Latest Trends in Cloud Computing Technology

With faster internet, exploding AI, and innovation in all tech categories, you can say that the future looks glorious. As such, the least that you could do is invest in great IT support!

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